Making a house your home.

Our story starts 2013 when Ryan and Katie met through friends and shared a mutual love for Real Estate! Ryan was working full time as a maintenance supervisor downtown while Katie was a full time Middle School History Teacher. On nights and weekends we would work on redoing our small south city houses, tearing up floors, kitchen cabinets, plaster walls- the list goes on and on for what seemed like years! Fast forward to 2015 when Ryan and I got married and kept the game of Real Estate moving forward. By 2017 we bought 10 more properties and used the same formula to flip them and rent them and then found out we were expecting our first baby (pictured below). After her birth Ryan and I came to the easy decision that we want to do Real Estate full time. I got my Real Estate license and immediately joined Lou Realty Group, Ryan continued to work at his full time position for the next year and a half. In 2018 we welcomed another baby girl and Ryan left his full time position to start the construction operation of Campbell House & Home. We now have 3 baby girls and another kiddo on the way (due Nov 2021) and live sleep and breathe all things House and Home!