Have a daunting project you've been dreading to tackle?

Let us worry about it instead!

We specialize in increasing the longevity of your home by working on the big projects.

Entire Home renovation

Making a "House your Home" is our main priority at Campbell House & Home. Ryan and Katie have turned every personal residence into their home through major renovation and want to share their insight on their adventures in construction with everyone they meet. If you are looking at any "fixer upper" (does NOT matter the condition) we are here to turn that house into your home! We can start at the beginning process with design/architect drawings then hit the ground running with demolition of the old to create a new space that is everything you can dream of.

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Kitchen renovation

At Campbell House & Home we believe a kitchen is the center of family life and what is really needed for a house to become a home. We strive to make our clients dream kitchens come to life and be the focal point for everyone who walks through the door. We can help with design aspects, creating a better "flow" or just simply replacing dated cabinets and countertops. Depending on the scale of work needed we are here to help you make your current kitchen into your dream kitchen. Contact us today to set up a consultation!

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Bathroom renovation

Bathrooms are never thought to be glamorous but at Campbell House & Home we think they should always have a touch of glamour and shine! If you would like a full custom tile shower or a simple update to an old bathroom, we will make it happen!


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Basement renovation

Basements no longer have to be the dark scary place used to host the pile of laundry no one wants to look at. We can make it into the "man cave" you always dreamed of or the best play room that kids will never want to leave, a home office you never knew you needed or just another place to entertain when guests come over.


Backyard renovation

We all know that in 2020 our backyards became our sanctuaries! We have never had so many requests for decks, sunrooms and other backyard projects as we did during the height of the Pandemic quarantine. If you are still wanting an outdoor sanctuary please give us a call and let us design the outdoor space of your dreams.



Squeezing the most out of your beloved home is best done through adding on! Adding sunrooms to the back, new floors above, or new rooms to the side are very common. Renovate your house as your needs grow, without leaving your home or neighbors behind.



garage renovation

Wether you are tired of parking on the street or just need some extra space for storage, adding a garage to your property will always be a great option! You can't go wrong with the decision to add to your home - for you will always increase the resale value!